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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about how our website works.

Case2Open.com is a free-to-use Steam Market analytics tool that allows you to find out which cases are the best to open in Counter Strike 2. Our data is continuously updated to ensure accuracy, and the top cases to open are displayed on our homepage.

We calculate the "Average Unboxed Item Price" for every case and compare it to the cost to open the case (case price + key price).

With that information, we are able to calculate the Return on Investment for opening any specific case. We then compare each case's Return on Investment, to the average Return on Investment of all cases to determine which cases have an above average ROI, and which cases have a below average ROI.

Cases with the highest Return on Investments are the best cases to open, and cases with the lowest Return on Investments are the worst cases to open.

We get our pricing data directly from the Steam Community Market using Steam Market APIs. We collect all of the data ourselves, and don't rely on any third-party APIs for pricing in order to ensure accuracy and recency of data used.

The percentage chances of unboxing different rarity skins (Mil-Spec, Industrial, Covert, etc.) is from Valve Corporation's public gambling odds disclosure. The odds are different for different types of cases, and we take that into account to ensure accuracy.

The percentage chances of unboxing different exterior conditions (Factory New, Minimal Wear, etc.) is a combination of information released by Valve, our own collected information, and publicly released information from the Counter Strike 2 community. This is unable to be 100% accurate, but it is more than enough for our use case.

In the short-term, or if you are extremely lucky it is possible to "profit" by unboxing rare/expensive items from cases that are worth more than what you paid for in cases and keys. It is also possible that skins you unbox will increase in value over time if you hold onto them.

However, in the long-run, opening cases is not "profitable". Similar to how a casino operates, there are no cases with a positive Return on Investment. This means that if you open a large number of cases, statistically you will gain less than you spend.